Seeking Solutions for Autism-Related Speech Disorders?

Bridge the speech impediments with JOGOs therapy for developmental delays due to Autism Spectrum Disorder.
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What is Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a condition that involves communication and behavioural challenges, and developmental delays. Autistic children often have trouble communicating and understanding what others try to convey through words and gestures.

Autism Conditions

Autism manifests itself in many ways. Some autistic children face learning difficulties, while others display less than normal intelligence. While some children with high intelligencedo not face issues in learning, they may experience communication issues and can have trouble socialising and applying their knowledge in real-life situations.

Some of the common conditions associated with Autism are:

Eating Issues
Restricted food habits, chronic overeating, aversion to tastes and textures, and limited water intake are some of the eating problems that many autistic children face. These issues can lead to obesity, low weight, and acute constipation.
Disrupted Sleep
Falling asleep and staying asleep throughout the night or lack of adequate sleep are other common complaints amongst autistic patients.
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in autistic children may cause language delay, learning delay, speech delay, sitting intolerance, and poor memory retention and recall in autistic children.
A person with Autism is especially likely to experience social anxiety or fear of new people, crowds, or social situations. They may also have difficulty controlling anxiety once it is triggered.

JOGO's Speech Therapy for Autism

Autism-related speech difficulties may seem daunting, but there is always hope with JOGO’s therapy for speech impediments in children with this condition. Our clinically-proven assessments and therapies are designed to deliver sustainable results and a positive patient experience.

Our speech therapy comprises the following procedures:

Initial Assessment
  • Our speech therapist clinically assesses your child and analyses their condition.
  • After accumulating parents' concerns, the therapist observes the child through interaction.
  • Based on globally-followed standards, our specialist decides on the course of therapy, counselling, and other treatments.
Therapy Sessions
  • Our therapists analyse their initial findings and evaluate the child's communication issues to determine the type of therapy required.
  • If the child displays speech and feeding difficulties, our therapists treat them with speech exercises and other activities.
  • JOGO therapy includes both receptive and expressive language therapies.
  • Our physiotherapists and occupational therapists help with gross and fine motor skills.
Consistent Feedback
  • We facilitate your home practice through the provision of digital sources.
  • You'll also receive regular counselling from our therapists to aid better prognosis.
  • We conduct regular parental training to educate parents of their child’s condition.
  • We continue to monitor the progress to measure the success of the therapies, and identify the next course of action.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism can happen to anyone, and the reasons are largely unknown. Experts say that Autism may result from maternal health issues or injuries during pregnancy or premature birth. However, these reasons contribute to only 10% of the cases. The real causes of Autism still remain a mystery.

How will I know if I need to be concerned about Autism?

Do not hesitate to consult your child's paediatrician if you have concerns about your child's delayed milestones such as delayed fine motor skils or that your child isn't expressing emotions, communicating thoughts, or displaying an understanding of your language, visual cues, or behaviour.

When is the right time to consult a speech therapist or a specialist?

You must seek professional advice when you notice any of the following symptoms in your child:
  • Delay in achieving language skills according to their age milestones
  • Inability to talk or communicate their thoughts and feelings
  • Display of anxiety and unexplained phobias
  • Display of social-emotional issues
  • Delayed fine motor skills
  • Intellectual developmental delays

What are the major signs of Autism?

Children who have Autism will display noticeable signs like:

  • Avoiding eye contact.
  • Not responding to smiles.
  • Not responding to their name.
  • Feeling upset when they dislike certain tastes, smells, or sounds.
  • Making repetitive movements like rocking their body, flicking their fingers, or flapping their hands.
  • Not as verbal as other children.
  • Using the same words over and over again.

Please tell me more about JOGO's Parental Workshop.

JOGO offers a 60-90 minute free workshop for parents with autistic children. The workshop allows parents to connect with experts and professionals to find answers to their autism-related queries and clarify their doubts about the same. The workshop is open to the public and takes place twice a month. Interested parents can register their names to participate in the workshop.

Are Autism and ADHD the same?

Not at all. Both are distinctly different neurodevelopmental disorders that share some symptoms. It is also possible for children to have both conditions. Children with ADHD may have short attention spans and are often distracted. On the other hand, autistic children may display an obsession over things they like and have difficulty focussing on things they have no interest in. Fortunately, several therapies and medications are available to help children with these conditions.

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