JOGO GoodLife Fall Prevention Programme For Older Adults

The consequences of falling are serious, expensive, and adversely affect the quality of life. Preventing or minimizing the risk of falls in elders also contributes to the physical, emotional, social and economic well-being of the entire family. Sign up for JOGO's programme to stay secure.
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JOGO GoodLife

JOGO GoodLife is a structured, time-bound, home-based wellness programme designed exclusively for the elderly population. The programme's main objective is to improve their independent living by enabling easy access to healthcare screening, diagnosis and treatment of various ailments.

Older people are particularly susceptible to falls. Numerous studies have shown that implementation of 'fall prevention strategies at the community level significantly improves the quality of life and reduces fall rates. Our country lacks such avenues or programmes, but the JOGO GoodLife programme will fill this void.

Why Do You Need JOGO GoodLife?

  • 1 out of 3 people above the age of 65 falls each year
  • Older people aged 72 and above fall once every two years
  • Octogenarians (80+) are prone to falls every year
  • People aged 50 and over fall every year
  • 1 out of 5 falls results in fractures or head injuries
  • Falls cause more than 95% of hip fractures

Osteoporosis among the elderly increases the chances of fractures. Moreover, the fear of falling leads to restricted mobility, making them vulnerable to falls and increasing the risk of osteoporosis.

Highlights Of JOGO’s Fall Prevention Programme

The JOGO GoodLife programme is based on proven methodologies proposed by:
OTAGO, New Zealand
World Health Organization
ISBMR (Indian Society for Bone & Mineral Research)

Programme Features

Expert doctors and therapists perform the analysis
Medical intervention is based on WHO and ISBMR guidelines
Exercises are tailored to the participant's individual needs
Monitoring through online telerehab sessions
Compliant with CDC STEADI & OTAGO Fall Prevention Programme protocols

Common Risk Factors For Falls

Research has identified many conditions that make the elderly more vulnerable to falls.
The risk factors are:
  • Lack of Vitamin D
  • Poor vision
  • Osteoporosis
  • Previous episodes of falls
  • Pain in the foot
  • Inadequate standing and walking balance
  • Use of medication like antidepressants and sedatives that affect balance
  • Hazards like inadequate lighting and slippery surfaces
Most falls are caused by a combination of risk factors that can be changed or modified to help prevent fall incidents.

What Does JOGO GoodLife Cover?

DXA scans
Medical Assessments
Specific Blood Tests
Home Safety Checks
Physical Assessment
30 sessions of 1:1 customised programmes by physiotherapists certified in Fall Prevention

Programme Implementation At JOGO

Typical journey of care at JOGO
Screening & Assessment
  • Initial screening is performed at home by our Fall Prevention-certified staff.
  • Medical assessments include blood tests and DXA scans.
  • Evaluation of parameters such as gait, muscle strength, and endurance.
  • Home Safety Audit done and recommendations given.
  • Analysing the participant's strengths and requirements.
  • Categorising the participant's fall risk as low, medium or high.
  • Customising exercises according to the fall risk. (Self-help exercises can typically be performed independently by people with low fall risk, whereas those with a high fall risk may need supervision.)
  • One-on-one training sessions at home by a physiotherapist certified in Fall Prevention Programme.
  • Physical interventions based on protocol set by CDC STEADI & OTAGO, which is adaptable to the Indian population.
  • Monitoring of follow-up and protocol compliance through online telerehab sessions.
  • Medical intervention based on the investigations and assessments by the medical team.
  • Re-evaluation of participant's progress upon programme completion
  • JOGO Goodlife, therefore, becomes a comprehensive, scientifically-based and result-oriented programme
Our experts give out a detailed report suggesting the future course of action.
Desirable Results of JOGO GoodLife Fall Prevention Programme
  • Enhanced physical fitness
  • Minimised risk of falls
  • Increased bone health
  • Improved self-dependency
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Improved cardio-respiratory endurance
  • Active lifestyle
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