Digital Therapeutic Clinic for Pelvic Floor Disorders, Chronic Pain, Neurological Disorders of Movement & Speech

Improving outcomes for chronic residual disabilities with patient centered care and evidence based methodology.
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Revolutionizing Care for Chronic Residual Disability

Transforming lives 1 patient at time

JOGO grew out of research at RUSK Institute, New York University. Several chronic residual disabilities can be addressed by harnessing neural plasticity of the brain. This key insight has driven the R&D efforts of JOGO to create several digital therapeutics to treat pelvic floor disorders, chronic pain, and neuromuscular disorders associated with stroke, Parkinson's, Cerebral Palsy, among others.

While technology and clinical evidence are critical tools, the care experienced by the patient is key to effecting good outcomes. JOGO provides unparaleled care experience via its clinics at Boston, Toronto, Chennai, Madurai, Chengalpattu, Coimbatore, and Trivandrum.

Our Uniqueness

World Class Rehab for Chronic Disabilities
  • Advanced techniques for rehabilitation
  • Clinical research collaboration with Harvard
  • Paediatric to Geriatric care
  • Patient centered care
  • Unparalleled care experience
The vitals of a person being recorded and displayed on a monitor in JOGO clinical setting
A smiling young man with crutches in exercising bars being assisted by a smiling JOGO female medical professional with a digital hand held device in

Clinically Proven Technologies

World Class Technology Backed by Clinical Evidence

JOGO Digital Therapeutics platform is built after many decades of research. JOGO combines the best of technology components and clinical science to deliver better outcomes to patients across the world. JOGO-Gx therapeutic platform is cleared by US FDA. JOGO is a Johnson & Johnson JLABS company.

Services We Offer

Biofeedback Treatments Trusted By 50+ Hospitals & Clinics
Pain Management
Expert treatment of pain signals in the Central Nervous System by breaking the pain - anxiety - muscle tension cycle.
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Speech Therapy

Evidence-backed speech therapies for patients who have autism, cerebral palsy, developmental delays or is recovering from a stroke.

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Prevention of involuntary urine leakage by offering biofeedback treatments to promote pelvic floor contraction, thereby helping patients control their pelvic floor muscles.

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Pain Management Journey

The Journey To Hope, Happiness & Health
You get introduced to our digital therapeutics treatment so that you will get a clear-cut understanding of your condition and the ways to treat it right.
We start administering scientifically proven therapies on a daily and weekly basis. Our programs are designed to offer treatment through achievable steps.
As you get involved and begin completing your missions using JOGO therapy, you will start experiencing a positive change.
We guarantee top-quality care by helping you interpret your condition, understand your healing journey and learn the ways to prevent any recurrence of the same issue.


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  • Patient SJ of Chennai had local dystonia and pain due to repetitive keyboard use. She was unable to even Operate the computer keyboard. With 4 weeks of JOGO therapy, SJ is bark to work at full potential
    Mrs. SJ  Chennai
    R Perumal Chennai, India had a motorcycle accident that left his right arm scapula bone (plural scapulas) fractured. He was unable to eat, brush or even wear his clothes by himself. With 5-week JOGO therapy Perumal is now back to work.
    Mr. Perumal Chennai
    Patient Lakshmi of Chennai, India had urinary incontinence for many years, unable to control her bladder post-childbirth. 2 weeks 8 sessions of JOGO have helped her fully recover, bringing her confidence back.
    Mrs. Lakshmi Chennai
  • Patient TS of Chennai received pre-natal exercise therapy from JOGO. She had a reduction in back pain and also had a natural birth.
    Mrs. TS Chennai
    Patients AS had back and shoulder pain due to prolonged sitting at the computer desk and computer use. With 4-week JOGO therapy she is pain-free.
    Mrs. AS Chennai


Can you explain the JOGO digital therapeutics approach?

JOGO digital therapeutics approach focuses on delivering medical interventions directly to the patients, using a clinically evaluated, evidence-based application to heal, manage, treat and prevent a wide range of neuromuscular disorders and diseases.

Which is the app provided by JOGO health? What does it do?

JOGO uses an app and wearable technology that leverage ML, AI and VR to treat pain and neuromuscular conditions. We do it by providing treatment protocols and games that can be adapted for muscle relaxation, movement coordination, and neuromuscular re-education. All our treatment methods are based on the clinically proven science of neuroplasticity.

Will these biofeedback treatments and services be covered by my insurance?

Yes. JOGO services are usually covered by almost all commercial insurance plans and Medicare.

What is biofeedback therapy? Who can benefit from it?

Biofeedback therapy is a method of treating neuromuscular conditions using non-drug treatment methods, that is by using the body's own signals to effect improvement.

What are the ways in which digital biomarkers assist in the advancement of precision medicine?

Digital biomarkers offer access to various insights that provide noteworthy benefits. It helps to generate data frequently as a part of a patient's day to day routine. Also, you can easily integrate these high-efficiency, low-cost tools into the already existing biomarker strategies.

Can you explain the difference between biofeedback and neurofeedback?

Biofeedback will help improve the physiological functioning of your body. It can also help alleviate body arousal and pain by signalling the person to alter whatever they are doing at that particular moment. Neurofeedback is another type of biofeedback where brain's signals are used to train the brain - most commonly EEG signals are used for neurofeedback.

What is a digital biomarker?

Digital biomarkers are quantifiable, objective, behavioural and physiological data. It is collected and measured using digital devices like wearables, digestible, portables and implantables. The collected data will be used to influence, explain, and predict various health-related outcomes.

How is biofeedback therapy carried out?

During biofeedback therapy, we attach electrodes to your skin. We might also be using finger sensors. These sensors attached to electrodes send signals to the monitor. The monitor will display a graph or some other representation of muscle activity. This is used by the therapist to train the patient and effect improvement.

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