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What is Chronic Low Back Pain?

The lumbar area is the part of your spine that bears your entire upper body weight. Discomfort in your lower back often starts as a dull, acute pain that can progress to mild and severe muscle spasms and decreased range of motion. Factors that contribute to chronic lower back and hip pain are:
Genetic Factors
Lack of exercise
Lower back pain is now a common issue for men and women across various age groups. Women also often experience discomfort and low back pain in pregnancy. Fortunately, thanks to the tremendous development of pain science, experts now understand pain origins and mechanisms. Medical experts have identified neural signalling issues as the underlying cause of chronic low back pain. Neural signalling can worsen and cause chronic pain due to prolonged stress and a combination of psycho-social factors.

Chronic Low Back Pain: Conditions & Risk Factors

Chronic low back pain can slowly cause other issues concerning your body and mind. Some common complications include:
Depression & Mood Swings
Incessant pain in the lower back can hinder even the smallest activities like sitting, standing, and walking. This hindrance can take a toll on your emotional health, causing serious emotional issues like depression, anxiety, and mood swings.
Low Self-Esteem
Low back pain can spoil simple pleasures like playing your favourite sport or going out on a fun trip with your friends. Facing such limitations everyday can severely diminish your self-esteem, thereby affecting your personal and social life.
Affected Relationships
Chronic pain can negatively impact relationships in many ways. Often, chronic back pain sufferers become reclusive and shy away from social gatherings due to pain and other psychological side effects.

JOGO: Your Chronic Back Pain Management Specialist

Rebuild your social life, reconstruct your damaged emotions, and quit worrying about your lower back pain with JOGO Clinic, a specialized digital therapeutics clinic in Chennai . Whatever the severity of your issue, JOGO's back pain management and treatment protocols will help you find relief from lower back pain.

Our treatment techniques are developed after extensive research in collaboration with Harvard's Pain Medicine Department. Our prime objective is to harness the power of neuroplasticity to treat chronic pain without surgery and costly medication.

Treatments at JOGO's Back Pain Clinic

JOGO's biofeedback treatments are trusted by 50+ hospitals and clinics across the nation. Ours is a multi-disciplinary, painless, medication-free approach. Only JOGO Clinic incorporates tension relaxation, muscle relaxation, biomechanical conditioning, and stretching exercises to cure low back pain.

Come to JOGO pain clinic in Chennai, and stay reassured with our clinically-proven treatment methods!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the right time to consult my doctor about my back pain?

You should never hesitate to meet your doctor if you have back and neck pain that lasts for more than a few days and doesn't subside with over-the-counter pain medication, hot massages, ice packs, or rest.

Will chronic back pain disrupt my life?

Yes, it will. Chronic back pain will make it more challenging to do all the tasks and activities you once did effortlessly. People with chronic low back pain often suffer from low self-esteem due to these limitations.

Will chronic back pain endanger my life?

Not at all. Most often, the chronic lower back is not serious or life-threatening. However, the pain could be a symptom of another serious disease or medical issue in some cases.

What will likely happen if chronic low back pain is not treated on time?

Chronic back pain should be treated on time. If not, the condition will worsen and lead to musculoskeletal complications and postural defects due to biomechanical compensation. Chronic back pain will also increase the loading of joints and can cause other medical complications.

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Don't let chronic back pain limit your activities. Go for JOGO's world-class treatments and bid farewell to years of pain and discomfort. Make JOGO your health partner!
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