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JOGO's non-surgical procedures exclusively designed to relieve bedwetting habits and gain better bladder control through pelvic exercises.
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What is Pediatric Incontinence?

Urination normally works for children and adults, too. The bladder is a balloon-like organ. It stores urine. The bladder muscles contract (squeeze) when we're ready to release urine. But when children have urinary incontinence, they involuntary release urine even after being toiled-trained. It may occur during the day or night. If a child between the ages of 5 and 18 has two or more wetting episodes a month, he or she may benefit from treatment to gain bladder control. Clinically this condition is termed Enuresis.

If your child makes frequent trips to the restroom, wets the bed, or leaks urine involuntarily, it could be a sign of Enuresis.

Pediatric Incontinence: The Conditions

Generally, our bladder function has two phases: a storage phase and an avoiding phase. Abnormalities in either phase can lead to primary or secondary incontinence.

Pediatric Enuresis is of four types:

Diurnal Enuresis
Urinary incontinence in children during the day.
Primary Enuresis
This condition occurs when the child has not been fully toilet-trained.
Nocturnal Enuresis
Urinary incontinence at night, called "Bed Wetting." It is the most common Pediatric Urinary Incontinence.
Secondary Enuresis
This condition is when the child returns to a wetting period after being in a dry period for some time.

JOGO Therapy for Pediatric Incontinence

Worried about child’s frequent visits to bathroom / bed wetting?

Worry no more, for JOGO Therapy is within your reach! JOGO is the first line of treatment recommended by the American Urology Association (AUA) and the American Urogynecologist Society (AUGS) for urinary incontinence in children.

We know how anxious children can be when it comes to treatment.

Our clinically-proven methods are completely painless, surgery-free and absolutely safe without any side effects. At JOGO, we create a personalized treatment plan to suit your child's body, energy levels, preferences, and time schedules.

The JOGO Treatment Plan

Our prime objective is to provide your children with long-term relief from bedwetting and other bladder control issues.

Using gamification our biofeedback therapy teaches your children to:

  • Relax pelvic muscles to empty their bladder voluntarily.
  • Have better control over the pelvic muscles.

Be rest assured! Your child will enjoy their time at our JOGO Clinic while learning to perfect their bladder control!

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Why do children wet the bed?

There are several reasons why children wet the bed. It may occur if they haven't voided their bladder for a long time before bedtime. Deep sleepers are as likely to wet the bed as those easily disturbed by noise, television, pets, etc. Bedwetting may also occur due to stress and traumatic life changes.

When should children stop their fluid intake before going to bed?

It is best to keep children well-hydrated during the day so that they do not feel thirsty before bedtime. Ideally, children who are likely to wet their beds should stop drinking water an hour before bedtime. However, they can take a few sips of water if necessary.

Should I wake up my child to use the toilet at night?

No, waking up your child in the middle of the night will only disrupt their deep sleep and not solve the bedwetting habit. If your child wets their bed, please ensure they wash and clean themselves well in the morning.

Is sugar intake the reason for frequent urinary urgency in children?

Yes, it is. Excess intake of sugar is an overload for the pancreas. This, in turn, overworks the kidneys to process the excess sugar and eliminate it from the body through frequent urination.

Put a Full Stop to Bed Wetting

Urinary incontinence in children is easily treatable with our painless and clinically-proven methods. Just give us a call or pay us a visit to know more.

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